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    Fertilization Maps

With the help of the fertilization maps you can apply fertilizer - more precisely and on a demand basis.

Fertilization maps derived from biomass maps show you the actual status of your crops. They provide fertilization-recommendations for each field, indicating which fields require less fertilizer and hence where savings can be made or which ones need more fertilizer, optimizing crop development.

Precise fertilization optimizes the amount of fertilizer to apply as well as the yield.

Just select the required fertilizer, type in the parameters of your fertilization strategy and generate the necessary number of fertilization zones – afterwards you can transfer the maps via a USB-stick onto the terminal of the tractor.

The application maps are compatible with all common terminals alternatively; you can use a customary tablet.

The detailed fertilization maps provide you information on:

  • Selection of fertilizer
  • Date of the fertilization map
  • Amount and percentage of N, P and K
  • Fertilization strategy: Assimilate or differentiate
  • Number of fertilization zones
“With the help of satellite technology I receive deep insights into my plots and I can fertilize precisely.”
Johannes Pass

Via the field summary, you can now draw in other fields or you generate further biomass maps: