• Biomassekarten

    Biomass Maps

The biomass maps allow you to monitor your fields - from home or office.

Drone image in comparison with a biomass map of My Data Plant.

Based on modern Sentinel-satellite technology data processed and analysed by Kleffmann Group, biomass maps show differences within your crop plots and enable you to monitor crop development. The sensors on board the satellites use different indicators for the crop vitality, e.g. leaf density, chlorophyll content or the influence of the soil. This helps you to understand your fields in depth. The portal also provides you with the development of your crops over time.

What information is included in the biomass maps?

A simple light principle to visualize strong and weak crop areas is used within your fields. The biomass maps provide you with indicators of which parts in your field you need to have a closer look. With the help of the history in your maps, you can monitor the development of your crop plots and see which areas your crops improve or detoriate. On basis of this, you can take the necessary measures your fields need.



The detailed biomass maps provide information on:

  • Average biomass vitality (in %)
  • Date of biomass map
  • Biomass development
“With the biomass maps of My Data Plant I always have an eye on my fields.”
Renke Dählmann

On basis of the biomass maps, you can now create fertilization maps or you can analyse new fields with the field summary.