• Monitor your fields – from home.
  • Fertilize more precisely and on a demand basis.
  • Gain deeper insights into your fields.
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My Data Plant

My Data Plant enables you to fertilize your fields more precisely based on actual Sentinel satellite data. It offers you the possibility of monitoring your cultivated crops with the help of biomass maps. This allows for a more efficient plant cultivation and optimization within an accuracy of 5m x 5m. The innovation does not require a specific farm size or machinery because with the help of the intuitive web portal, you can tailor your fertilizing strategy and application cards to your needs.

Aktuelle Biomasse- und Düngekarten auf Basis regelmäßiger Satellitenaufnahmen.
Actual biomass-, seed- and fertilization maps based on regular satellite imagery.
Unabhängigkeite von Hersteller & Maschinentechnik.
Independent of manufacturer and technology.
Höchste Datensicherheit garantiert durch die Kleffmann Group.
Data protection according to German laws.